Benefits of the Novus Performance Acceleration Centers
• Dramatically decreased time for migration to and from cloud of data and apps
• Reduced charges from cloud providers for data transfer in and out of the cloud
• Highly secure private network
• Decreased requirements for wide area network connections
• Increased performance for users and their applications
• Data transfers between users and cloud greatly reduced
• Works with up to 33 public cloud providers

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Novus Performance Accelerator (N-PAC)
A challenge occurs when a users data and applications are moved from and on-premise deployment to a data center that can be hundreds or thousands of miles away.  This movement of data and apps creates performance problems for organizations due to increased latency caused by this distance.  Upgrading bandwidth may help alleviate some of the issues, but building a bigger highway for data doesn’t mean that it can move faster than what the laws of physics will allow. A3 solves this issue by creating the Novus Performance Acceleration Centers (N-PAC) in strategically located data centers around the world.  A3 deploys acceleration appliances in these locations giving them high speed, low-latency connections into the public cloud.  This creates private networks for optimized traffic and enhanced application performance.  These optimized private connections streamline data transfer and increase performance between applications and their users. 

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