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Andromeda3’s ALL Flash and Adaptive Flash utilize award-winning Nimble OS so they have the same robust features:

• Data encryption
• Application integration
• Snapshot based data protection

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Nimble Advanced Predictive Flash Storage Solution

With Nimble’s predictive flash platform, all your apps now have access to the optimal type of flash storage whenever they need it, all managed as a single system. The hybrid design of the Unified Flash Fabric consolidates ALL Flash and Adaptive Flash to meet the changing needs of any application.

• Accelerates performance
• Protects apps and data
• Scales to meet demand

Optimize the location of apps by moving them instantly and seamlessly from ALL Flash to lower-cost Adaptive Flash as dictated by workload and usage. When requirements change, workloads can migrate seamlessly and without disruption back and forth between types of flash storage at the click of a button from a single management interface. For example, apps that require guaranteed low latency can reside on ALL Flash storage, while others can benefit from the lower cost of capacity by residing on Adaptive Flash. All benefit from the increased performance of the Flash platform.

• Scale out performance, latency and IOPS of UFF independently
• If you need more storage you can add shells non-disruptively
• If you need more performance you can upgrade controller CPUs without disruption
• Up to 4 arrays of any type can be combined into a scale-out cluster and managed

   as one
• You can scale any element independently and non-disruptively as your needs grow,

   and at the lowest incremental cost

Backup and replicate data from one type of array to another:

• Cost effective
• Backup more frequently
• Recover faster
• Retain backups for longer periods

Andromeda3 teams with Nimble to bring you the amazing predictive flash platform! Now all of your apps have access to optimized flash storage whenever they need it, all managed as a single system.

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