Disaster Recovery for Nimble

Andromeda3’s NovusCloud now enables Nimble users to quickly and securely add disaster recovery services to their cloud. Get the peace of mind that comes with this affordable and easy-to-implement DR solution!

Key Benefits only available in NovusCloud's Nimble DR architecture:​
• Built on Nimble Storage enabling intelligent & efficient cloud data transport, management and failover 

​   for cloud.
• Provides dedicated Nimble arrays so each customer has a more secure private and dedicated storage

• Nimble Disaster provides recovery operations of any machine to and across AWS, MS Azure and Google  

   Cloud using continuous replication of your entire application stack.
​• VM's are converted in replication to the hypervisor of choice based on the cloud and spun down into a  

   pilot-light deployment meaning a drastically reduced cost for DR infrastructure.
• All services are sold on-demand with contract terms starting at 3 months. Convenient monthly recurring

   payment option available.



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