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Okay, you’ve made the decision to make the move the cloud, now what?  The A3 technical team can quickly and safely move your data and applications into the cloud environment. 

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​Cloud Migration – The First Step!
Making the move to the cloud can be a challenge with a host of regulatory, compliance, security, and technical requirements – not to mention anxiety.  Customers often don’t have the in-house knowledge or expertise they need to make the move.  A3 guides customers each step of the way to help you develop a comprehensive data migration strategy.

Architectural Assessment:
• A3 performs an in-depth discovery of you current infrastructure and architecture.
• We determine where your data is located: Is the data local or maybe perhaps in a public cloud, for example.
• A detailed plan is developed and thoroughly reviewed with the customer.

Cloud Assessment Services
• A3 performs an in-depth discovery of your current infrastructure and architecture
• We determine where your data is located — Is the data local or in a public cloud?
• A detailed plan is developed and thoroughly reviewed with you, the customer

Take our quick, free no-obligation cloud readiness assessment by clicking here. 

Cloud Migration and Integration Services:
Data which is determined to be moved is migrated safely and in compliance with all regulations.  Migration methods may include host-based, application-based and appliance based tools. Upon completion, A3 will full test and verify the new solution while concurrently maintaining existing solutions.

Managed Services 
• Cloud Operations include 24x7x365 monitoring, support, compliance and security.

Disaster Recovery/Continuity of Operations Services and Support
• Application DR, data replication and migration, key components in the Novus cloud, can be used to provide a robust DR/COOP strategy — often at little additional cost or complexity. This is a direct result of the Novus cloud architecture. ​

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