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Disaster Recovery / Continuity of Operations

• Application DR, data replication and migration, key components in the Novus cloud, can be used to provide a robust DR/COOP strategy — often at little additional cost or complexity. This is a direct result of the Novus cloud architecture. ​

• A3's NovusCloud enables Nimble users to quickly and securely provide disaster recovery services in the cloud.  

​• NovusCloud is built on Nimble Storage which enables intelligent and efficient data transport, management and failover for cloud.

• NovusCloud provides dedicated Nimble arrays so each customer has a private storage environment for cloud.  

• Nimble Disaster provides recovery operations compatible with AWS, MS Azure and Google Cloud.

Key Benefits of NovusCloud's DR architecture
• Private and Dedicated Nimble Storage is more secure
• VM's are converted in replication to the hypervisor of choice based on the cloud
• VM's are spun down into a pilot-light deployment meaning a drastically reduced cost for DR infrastructure
• All services are sold on-demand with contract terms starting at 3 months. 


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