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About A3
Andromeda3 represents a paradigm shift in the approach to cloud services. Unlike conventional cloud architects, A3 builds clouds that are designed to be driven by your data instead of treating it like water in a pipe.  Our approach for cloud is simple. We architect our cloud offering around centralized data environments that are close to, but not in the public cloud – in effect, creating an air-gap. A3 utilizes data centers that have high-speed, low-latency access to public cloud providers. This enables A3 to utilize the scalability, elasticity and cost savings of public cloud while retaining complete control of the information.

A3 has five decades of experience in leading the evolution of storage, cloud and data management —experience that comes from top leadership levels of the industry. Rather than our business model focusing first and foremost on our relationships with technology vendors, our highest commitment is to you, our customer. We are an autonomous designer and integrator of cloud solutions that are as flexible as our customers’ needs, and a strong history with our technology providers gets you the best pricing and provisioning while we remain independent and agnostic enough to keep all emerging business models and technologies available to you.

Not All Clouds Are Created Equal

...And that is by design.  Cloud providers want customers to utilize as much of their proprietary services and products as possible.  They want customer’s data, applications and their users.  Be it PaaS, IaaS, or SaaS the goal of the cloud provider is the same; lock in customers, and lock them in for a long time.  The key to unlock this lock-in is simple, control the data.

Andromeda3 is founded by individuals that are experts in information governance and data management.  We have a passion for protecting information and know the ins and outs of compliance and regulatory requirements.  We keep data out of the cloud. A3 maintains the ultimate control of what matters most, your information.


The road to the cloud begins with managing and understanding your data. Your data is what drives your enterprise, not your cloud infrastructure. At A3 we understand that, so we build cloud environments “from the data up”.  Whereas traditional cloud offerings start at the top as application-centric, working their way down the stack to the data, A3’s unique data-centric approach begins with the data, working its way up the stack to the application.  This structure empowers your data to work for you, to be there when and where you need it, and to be sure the only people seeing it and using it are those who should be.  Before we begin designing your first element, we answer all the important questions: 

• Where does your data live now?
• How is it currently stored?  
• Are there special considerations to protecting it?  
• How and when will you need to access it?
• Can you save resources by using any legacy systems?
• What will be optimum for your data flows and volumes?
• How about day-to-day versus long-term requirements? 

These are questions that have to be analyzed and answered before you can effectively put the cloud to work for you, and they demand technical expertise, but also the imagination of an artist and the prescience of a soothsayer. A3’s combined five decades of cloud architecture experience bring this all to bear for you.

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